Worst poker players

ave you ever wondered where you can find the worst poker players? Well, the worst poker player in the world--whoever that is--is to be found somewhere in online poker rooms. That I can tell you.

Now, wait a minute--why would you want to know how to find the worst poker players? Don't you want to find the best poker players? Yes and no.

If you know where the worst poker players are to be found, you can avoid those places if you're trying to improve your game. You don't want to waste your precious time and money at an online poker room where you won't learn anything. On the other hand...Maybe you don't want to learn something; maybe you want to feel like El Supremo Card Shark and rake in the dough today!

So, yes, we here at Learn to Win Holdem are going to help you know where you can find, or avoid, the worst poker players. I have compiled list of the four best online poker rooms with the worst poker players.

Top 4 Poker Rooms With The Worst Poker Players

# 1 Pacific Poker

This might be the cream of the crop when it comes to poker maniacs and fishies. I bet over half the people see the flop on nearly every hand. This site is known as da place to B if you know anything about poker and have any discipline at all and you want to get rich quick. You see, the players here largely come in from Casino-on-Net and they are not real poker players. They know the rules but that's it. They're just chance-takers and stakes betters and think every card game is Blackjack. Visit Pacific Poker

#2 Bodog Poker

As I've written elsewhere, the poker players in this online poker room are generally quite new to the concept of online poker, and end up in numerous ring game tables and tournaments for Texas Hold'em above all else. But most of this site's soft competition is found in the micro games and low Hold'em. Still, there's plenty of it. In the low stakes games nearly every player sees the flop on almost every deal. Even in the high stakes games I estimate each player sees 40% of the flops. Ka-Ching! Visit Bodog Poker

#3 Titan Poker

Titan is known for attracting a lot of soft competition. Fish are everywhere, probably because this site so heavily promotes limit and no-limit tournaments that attract poker players by the score. If you want easy money and you've got some disciplined aggression in you, this is one recession-proof site, and the 150% sign-in bonus helps. Visit Titan Poker

#4 Cake Poker

Cake Poker gets a lot of loose players because it is still a relatively new site. I think about 60% of the players see the flop in every new deal, even for just $1/$2 buy-ins. You'll find the fish here, but you won't find as many of them. Traffic is light compared to the other three sites, again because Cake is relatively new. This aspect will improve. Visit Cake Poker

So, there you go. Know thy enemy. You now know where to find--and how to avoid--the worst poker players online.

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