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Understand the game you are playing

This may seem like a very obvious rule, but you would be surprised by how many people that place bets on games they don't understand. This rule may apply more to certain games (i.e. Roulette) than other games (i.e. Slots), but generally speaking, it is more important for a player to fully understand the rules of a game before betting on it. And understanding the strategies we list on our site will give you another leg up on the casinos.

Budget your money

Place a limit on the money that you can afford to gamble with and lose. Never exceed that amount or gamble with money that you can't afford to lose. Remember, credit cards aren't free money!

Never borrow money to gamble

To fall into the habit of gambling with borrowed money is one of the most serious mistakes any person can make. Not only can one run the risk of falling heavily into debt and perhaps having to sell one's possessions to payback the borrowed money, but the risk of alienating friends and family members, or infuriating the "money lenders" should be enough reason to avoid this practice at all costs.

Pace yourself

Avoid betting all your money in one hasty bet. Remember, the objective is to have fun and enjoy yourself. If your gambling budget is $50, then place bets of $1 or $2 instead of betting the entire $50 on one single bet. As long as the entire sum of money is not lost in one single bet, the player has a chance to recover & win.

Know when to quit

The best time to quit is when you are ahead of the casino! Even if you are only up $50-$100, a win is a win. That seems obvious, but you should know that in the long run, statistically the casino will always win. Many players make the mistake of thinking that their streak of luck will last forever and continue to gamble until they eventually lose it all. This is mainly the result of overconfidence and greed.

Chasing losses

"Chasing a loss" is a term used to describe the act of trying to win back money that was lost during a previous bet. The problem with this is that the player stands to lose even more money. In this case, it is better to just accept the loss and quit or continue playing for the sole purpose of just having fun.

Maintain a low profile

Whether you are playing for fun or money, winning or losing, always maintain a low profile at a real casino. The main reason for this is that one never knows what types of unsavoury characters may be present at a casino. It is in the best interest of every player not to draw attention to his/her own money or winnings. Obviously this does not apply to online casinos.


Never gamble when you are angry or depressed, or experiencing emotional stress of any kind. Emotional states such as anger and depression usually cloud a person's judgment and impair his/her ability to play the games properly. A person who is experiencing an intense emotional state usually lacks the ability to think as clearly as someone who is not.

Don't gamble alone

Friends and family members will usually tell you if you are spending too much, drinking too much or not playing properly.

Take frequent breaks

You should always take frequent breaks to feel refreshed and alert. Stepping away from the game or computer screen can be a good way to clear your mind and catch your breath. You can go to the restroom, splash some cold water on your face, go grab a bite to eat, and come back refreshed. Although this may not apply to a person who only plans on placeing a few bets, it does apply to the gambler who intends on spending a considerable amount of time betting in a casino.

Have fun

Gambling should be viewed as a fun and exciting recreational activity as opposed to a means of making money. Even though most of us have heard of, or read about the occasional gambler who won a big jackpot that changed his/her life, this is usually not the case for the majority of players. The glitz and glamour of casinos were not built on the good fortune of winners. Therefore always play for fun and never for the sole purpose of making money. Many of us have friends who tell us about winning a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars at a casino. But, those people don't generally go around announcing all the times they've lost.

Avoid alcohol

Never drink and gamble. Not only can alcohol impair one's judgement, but it can also inflate one's sense of self confidence to the point where the person gambles away money which he/she would never have gambled if he/she was sober. This is one of the main reasons as to why some casinos offer free alcohol to their players.

Avoid distractions

Distractions can come in many forms from the occasional phone ringing, someone talking loud, etc., and one should always be mentally prepared to ignore them in order to better focus on the game. Additionally, the loud sounds and flashing lights of a casino (even online casinos!) may look and sound very exciting, but they are not there to help you concentrate on the game. Try not to become distracted.

By following these basic set of guidelines & implementing our strategies, one can enjoy his/her visit to a real casino or an online casino, and have plenty of fun while minimizing the risk of falling into any financial difficulties.

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