Common Poker Tells

Common poker tells are the habitual action by another player that gives you a poker cue as to what he might be holding.

In a local home game, watch for poker tells opponents may be showing with out realizing it.

However, with online poker, getting a read on your opponents is quite different. If you are a serious cash game player, you should study the following poker tells and use them to develop your online cash game strategies. Learning to read your opponents in a Texas holdem poker game is one of KEYS to winning cash games or sit n go tournaments.

Below you will find poker tells most commonly found in your local brick and mortar venues or while playing online poker.

Common Poker Tells: Offline Poker Tells

(1) A Trembling Hand

This is common for newer poker players. It occurs when the player bets. Their hand will shake when putting their chips out. This is not intentional, but usually means a huge hand which equates to being nervous.

(2) Checking Their Chips

Common Poker Tells

Right after the flop, a player will look at their chips with a quick and subtle glance. To catch it you have to be watching the players’ eyes right when the flop comes out. You can be quite assured they connected.

(3) Staring through the Flop

This is the opposite of the above. If a player glances at their chips when they hit big, they will often stare at the flop when they miss.

If a player is looking at the flop as if he's trying to to determine what type of hand he may have, oftentimes means he missed.

(4) Checking Their Hole cards

This occurs most often in Texas Holdem when a flop comes out all of the same suit. The player checks their hole cards. They are checking to see if one of their cards matches the suit on the board. You can bet their cards aren't suited, and they do NOT have the flush... however could be on a flush-draw.

(5) Asking for Clarification

Whenever a poker player ask the dealer for clarification, he more times than not is signifying he has a big hand.

Questions like "My bet?" "How much is it to me?" "What's the bet?" indicates a strong hand.

(6) Disrespect

Anytime a player is disrespectful right after a bet, be assured he is trying to entice the player just enough to call them.

(7) Being Respectful

The opposite of the above, whenever a person seems nice or polite to you right after a bet, they are bluffing.

(8) Broken up Conversation

When a player is having a conversation during a poker hand and speaks in choppy sentences, as if his mind is on something else, for the most part means he's not too confident in his hand. This correlates to a weak poker hand.

(9) Effortless Conversation

On the other hand however one of the most common poker tells is, if a player is talking without missing a beat while in a hand, it means he is not too concerned about the hand he is playing. This is because he feels comfortable and as a rule means he has a big hand.

common poker tells


Common Poker Tells: Online Poker Tells

Here we will look at common poker tells you can find online if you're paying close attention while out of a hand.

(1) Speed of Play

For the most part a quick bet is a sign of weakness, and a delayed action is a sign of strength, as the player is calculating his strategy with what he perceives to be a huge hand.

When you get a chance to see their cards at the showdown, try to determine the types of cards they "slow bet" with and what they "fast bet" with.

(2) Use of Check Boxes/Auto Plays

If you've been to any of the online Texas Holdem rooms, you will notice they make use of check boxes such as "fold" "raise any," or "call any."

You will know when a player uses a check box, because his action comes right after the player before him. Use this poker tell to your advantage.

A delay followed by a check often shows weakness.

(3) Opponents Fold/Flop Percentage

You should over the course of several Texas Holdem games get a sense of whether or not the player folds a lot of trash hands or if he is staying in almost every pot.

If he folds a lot of cards, beware. Players who stay in almost every pot, can be run over by someone with good cards.

(4) Chat Box

Take time to notice if a player who is chatting all of a sudden gets quiet, put him on a good set of good cards.

On the other hand, if a player is betting and becomes hostile in the chat box, he might be bluffing and hoping his show of confidence will help him in bluffing you off the table.

Once again, knowing common poker tells gives you a competitive edge--and it can teach you how to really fake out your opponents as you gain experience. One of the best sources for learning about poker tells is Caro's Book of Poker Tells. Pick up your copy and become a Texas Holdem master of the tell-tale signs.

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