semi-bluffing with a flush draw in no limit texas hold'em

Semi-Bluffing is a key element of no limit Texas hold'em.

While in limit hold’em you will often be looking to get the right odds to draw at your flush and win a couple of extra bets if you hit it, in no limit online holdem, the semi-bluff gives you the opportunity to win a sizeable pot even if you don’t make your hand, and a larger one if you do.

What is Semi-Bluffing with a Flush Draw in No Limit Hold’em?

Semi-bluffing occurs when you bet with a hand that is probably not the best at the moment, but can improve to the best hand.

When you have a flush draw and bet, you don’t mind if an opponent folds, because you are probably worse off at that stage.

If he does call though, another suit can come on the turn or river and give you the winning hand.

This can be advantageous in a number of ways. If you have an opponent who is likely to scare easily if a third flush card comes and not pay you off, a semi-bluff may be your only chance to get paid on your flush.

Additionally, your odds of hitting your flush with four of a suit are about 4-to-1 with one card to come and 2-to-1 with two cards to come.

If you move all-in on the flop with your flush draw, you may win with a fold, but even if you are called, you will get those 2-to-1 odds – test a holdem odds calculator to compare the odds.

Alternatively, you can make a bet on the flop and an all-in move on the turn if you miss, creating a very large pot and a very difficult decision for your opponent.

When Should You Not Use Semi-Bluffing With a Flush Draw?

You should only use semi-bluffing if there is some chance that your opponent will fold, and if you play texas holdem online, you will play against calling stations who rarely manages to lay down a single hand.

This fold equity is part of what makes semi-bluffing profitable.

In addition, you should only semi-bluff if you are confident you are drawing to one of the winning hands in Texas Holdem.

If there is a pair on the board, you may only be called by a full house or a hand drawing to a full house.

If you have a very small flush draw, you may be called by a higher flush draw and be drawing practically dead.

Try to make sure that if your semi-bluff is called, it is called by a hand you will be able to beat if you hit.

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