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Are you looking for the best poker software? When you set out looking for a free poker odds calcular, you may ask yourself "What is the best poker software?" And if you are asking this question, then hopefully I can answer it for you. Are you ready to get started playing in your favorite Texas Hold'em online poker room? Let's get started!

The first step is to understand why you would need a free poker odds calculator. Recent estimates indicate that 40 percent of online poker players are using some type of free poker software while they are playing online Texas Hold'em poker. If this truly is the case, then it means you are truly at a disadvantage because your opponents have an edge over you. Do you want to get an edge over your competitors at the online poker tables?

Here are seven of the best poker software solutions that are being used by your competitors at the online no-limit Texas Hold'em tables today! Read our reviews on the following free poker odds calculators to find out what the best poker software out there is, and which poker calculator will best suit you.

Texas Calculatem
free poker software
The original best poker software is still king. The Texas Calculatem software still remains to be the best selling poker odds calculator available online. It utilizes sophisticated auto read technology in order to offer your hand odds and real time betting advice so that you may maximize your Texas Hold'em winnings. There are already more than 25,000 copies of this software in active use, proving that this is the most popular odds calculator across the globe. The odds are in your favor if you use Texas Calculatem against your opponents before they use it against you!

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Holdem Genius
best poker software: holdem genius
Do you want to be a genius at the Texas Hold'em tables? This is, hands down, the most advanced of all poker odds calculators in existence right now. If you are playing with Holdem Genius, then you are receiving accurate betting advice instantly based on your hole cards, individual pot odds, immediate outs, and other vital pieces of information. Hold'em Genius easily integrates with your online poker table so that screens never need to be switched back and forth, and more than 100 different online poker rooms are compatible. If you want to feel like a Texas Hold'em Poker Genius, this is the poker odds calculator for you.

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Sit N Go Shark
best poker software: sit and go shark

This free poker odds calculator is based on thousands and thousands of sage-like Texas Hold'em poker tips from poker pro Roy Rounder. This poker odds calculator is designed to help players finish in the money in Sit & Go style poker tournaments. Sit N Go Shark considers seven different variables, referred to as critical success factors, in every single hand so that the player can receive real time betting advice based on the personal poker playbook of Roy Rounder. This best poker software works exclusively in Sit & Go style poker tournaments, and makes it easier than ever for players to finish in the money - Because if you're not the shark, then you're shark bait!

Calculatem Pro
best poker software: calculatem pro

From the same people who brought you the hottest selling online poker odds calculator comes the most powerful Texas Hold'em odds calculator in the industry. Calculatem Pro has truly revolutionized the world of Texas Hold'em poker calculators by offering truly superior features and precise level customization. Only the most sophisticated technologies and algorithms are used in order to instantly calculate both your hand odds AND your pot odds, bringing you some of the most accurate advice that can be mustered in an interface that is sleek and user friendly. This is a must have for anyone who is serious about winning at the poker tables!

Holdem Indicator
best poker software: Holdem Indicator

The designers and programmers behind the Hold'em Indicator online free poker odds calculator have produced the best poker software available today. Hold'em Indicator can be easily integrated with the most popular online poker sites. While you are playing a Texas Hold'em game, this poker pot odds calculator will tell you two vital pieces of information: Your pot odds or odds of winning the pot, and your odds of winning the hand. For example, if your pot odds are currently 4 to 1, but your odds of winning the hand are 22 to 1, then you should fold out of the hand because the hand odds are overwhelmingly against you.

Not only is this the best poker software, but it is also the best poker odds calculator, as it profiles your opponents at each table that you play out, assigning a graphic icon to each of them. Some of the graphic icons you may see include a time bomb, eagle, elephant, rock, fish and yield sign. The information collected will give you a snap shot of the action at your table.

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Poker Office
best poker software: Holdem Indicator
This is much more than just a traditional poker odds calculator. It is one of the best poker software solutions available on the entire market when it comes to Texas Hold'em poker. Poker Office allows you to track not only your own actions, but also the actions of your opponents as well, without needing hand histories or user input. This software offers instant odds, statistics, graphs and analysis of opponents automatically. Read More.

Now that you have read our reviews of the best free poker odds calculators, hopefully you have a better feel for what is available out there, and what programs are considered to be the best poker software out there. If you really are serious about winning at the Texas Hold'em tables, or in single opponent tournaments or multi opponent tournaments, then one of these poker odds calculators can be invaluable for you.

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