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Poker Office is not only a real time poker odds calculator but also allows you to model your opponents and calculate probabilities of future hands, while you are playing. See below for all the features and benefits of using the poker tool from PokerOffice.

poker office

Live Game Tracking

Poker Office allows you to track all of your opponents actions as well as your own game, while you are playing, without any need for hand histories or user input. It stores all the collected data and brings you summarized statistics reports, spreadsheets, and graphs of you own and your opponents play.

  • Real time opponent modeling of the players you are currently facing.
  • Pot odds, probabilities and hand rankings.
  • Overlayed statistics on the actual poker table.
  • Real time profit and table tightness graphs.

Real Time Heads Up Display

poker office

A built in HUD that will overlay statistics, player actions and odds on the actual poker table. This way you will always have full control over the present game state in order to exploit weaknesses in your opponents

  • Overlays opponent statistics next to each player at the table.
  • Real time action history for the ongoing hand.
  • Pot odds and future hand probabilities directly on the table.
  • Player icons to visualize your opponents playing style.

Hand Replayer

Graphically replay any number of hands. Possibility to replay specific sessions, entire tournaments or group of hands. Comes with a number of special features, such as:

  • Automatic pot odds, outs, odds, best hand, pot size, etc.
  • Possibility to change the current odds view to any player around the table.
  • Authentic Overlay! Will display exactly the same overlay in the replayer as you had during play.
  • Filter out any situation you like to analyze in your game, such as middle pair on the flop, flush draws, etc, and replay all these situations as a single session.
  • Possibility to step through games, between games, specify speed, filter overlay statistics, and more.

Ok, have you read enough and ready to go to Poker Office?

poker office

Extended Graphs

A number of new graphs to view any statistics of choice. Can be used to analyze how a certain playing style affects the generated profit. You can for example print profit, saw flop % and aggression factor in the same graph and see how your winnings correlate with these parameters.

  • Possibility to zoom in and replay a certain area of the graph.
  • Possibility to adjust the graph by moving average.
  • Possibility to groups hands.
  • Possibility to filter graphs on a large number of criteria's.
  • Will print the change of a specific statistic over time, such as preflop raise %, VPIP %, aggression, etc.
Poker Office

Advanced Filtering

Possibility to filter the statistics on a large number of criteria's. Will update the current statistics and graphs according to the filter. Possibility to replay filtered hands.

  • Filter out any type of game situation, such as flush draws, top pair on the flop, gut shot straight draws, number of players at the table, and much more.
  • Replay hands based on these criteria's.
  • Apply filter to graphs and tables to view stats based on the filter.
  • Save and load your own filters.
Poker Office

Player Notes, Alias, Printing, Hand Viewer

Possibility to write notes on all players from within the program. Possibility to combine statistics for several players, print tables and graphs on your printer, and view the hand history of any game.

  • Player Notes.
  • Print graphs and tables.
  • View combined statistics for all your players.
  • View hand histories from within the program.
Poker Office

More Detailed Statistics

The main application has been equipped with even more statistics. Click in the tables to narrow down the selection of hands, right click for more options, etc.

  • Auto Rated player type on the overview tab.
  • Aggression factors, VPIP %, BB/100 Hands, Stealing, blind defense, detailed action analysis pre and post flop.
  • Can be viewed per level and by filter.
  • All tables can be clicked to narrow down the selection of the table below. Use Ctrl key to select multiple rows.
Poker Office

Ok, enough is enough go on over to Poker Office and see for yourself!

Poker Odds Calculator

PokerOffice gives you the ultimate poker odds calculator. See your odds for potential hands after flop, turn and river in real-time. The poker odds calculator displays your hand, the ranking of your hand and the best possible poker hand with the cards on the table.

  • Real time pot odds
  • Hand probabilities and outs
  • Your hand, hand ranking, best hand
  • Pot value

Real Time Mucked Cards in Overlay

Poker Office

Wondering what your opponent had when he called your river bet? Now you can see the mucked cards in real time on the overlay. Some sites present the mucked cards in their hand histories; according to standard poker rules, you as a player, have the right to see your opponents mucked cards when there is a showdown (it's the same in a real casino). PokerOffice fetches these from the hand history and presents them to you in a nicer format during play.

  • Fetches the mucked cards from the hand history file and presents them in real time on the overlay. (For the sites where this is applicable).

You will not find a software that equals the superiority of Poker Office. Check it out you'll be glad you did.

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