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Heads up Poker is one of many different types of poker that can be played. It is an excellent place for many players to get started because it will allow them to experience every single aspect of limit poker in existence. Heads up poker involves aggression, betting, bluffing, folding, hand selection, pot odds, reading, trapping and value betting. Having a basic understanding of each of these facets of Heads up poker is an important part of developing a winning heads up poker strategy.

Aggression - Aggression is an important aspect of any heads up poker strategy, which is why those who are aggressive players by nature tend to perform much better than those who are weaker of heart.

  • When it comes to aggression as a head's up poker strategy, your primary objective is to cause your opponents to fold more often than you do.
  • With this particular poker strategy, you are going to be banking on the fact that your likelihood of folding is just the same as everyone else at the table. Bet aggressively, play aggressively, and you may go far.

Bluffing - In many of the hands that you play during heads up poker, neither you nor your opponent are going to hit anything worthwhile on the flop.

  • This is the point where aggression and bluffing truly come in handy, because the primary goal of your heads up poker strategy is going to be to claim the pot even if you have nothing.
  • Treat the flop like the beginnings of a sword fight, and your opportunity to declare that your intent is to fight. Either your opponent is going to challenge you back, or he or she is simply going to walk away.
  • The flop is all about faking out your opponent with bluffing because the real action begins when the turn comes. Bluffing at Texas Hold'em poker is all about pushing your opponent out of potential wins, claiming the pots for yourself.

Hand selection - When it comes to developing a winning heads up poker strategy, hand selection is an important part of determining your likelihood of winning.

  • Because we are capable of seeing our hand, the real value in playing a winning hand is all about knowing when to put money into the pot and when not to. This decision is based on what starting hand you have, and knowing when to take it further by betting, or to sit back and wait for the flop by calling for the first couple of betting rounds.
  • If you have aces, kings, Face/kicker combinations, pocket pairs or mid high suited connectors, then you absolutely need to raise because you are going to see long term rewards.

Reading - Reading is all about determining where your opponent is at during a heads up poker game, and should be a powerful part of your heads up poker strategy.

  • Your opponent can only take one of three different paths, so as long as you are winning in your guesses at least 33% of the time, you are on the right trail!
  • Making a successful read is all about locating patterns within the behavior of your opponent, noting any potential statistical anomalies. The more you pay attention, the more success you will have when it comes to his check-raises and what happens when he makes them.
  • Keep track of your opponent's actions and respond accordingly. You will develop a good understanding of how he processes certain hands, and this will give you a strong edge in your heads up poker strategy, nearly guaranteeing a win!

Trapping - Trapping is all about keeping your opponents at the table completely off guard and off balance. When your opponent decides that you are not being honest, it's time for you to go forward and trap him.

  • Call a check-raise raise on the turn card and you can net yourself a cool 2BB and potentially an additional 1BB by the time you reach the pre-flop and the flop.
  • Another option is for you to fold on the flop on a pot that has not been raised as many as four times consecutively provided that you are capable of pulling off a trap at least with the seventh round each time.
  • When you are dealing with aggressive opponents who are trying to mow you down with their betting style, use check-raises and raises when your hand is right and you can counter his attacks, refusing to let his aggressive playing style get the best of you. Your traps will more than make up for his overzealous bidding attitude.

Value betting - Value betting is all about getting extra big bets out of the deal. This has to do with getting in a turn raise and a river bet just in time that your opponent won't notice a cheap showdown when you have a good hand.

  • Even when your hand is not that great, tossing a sucker like this out will give you some good fold equity in your opponent, especially if he is not sure how strong his own hand is.
  • Don't be afraid of your hand, checking down at the river simply because you think your opponent has you beat. His odds are just as good as yours, meaning that there is a great chance that your hand is superior.
  • Never be afraid to get a bet in, because this can mean a serious triumph if your opponent chickens out and folds at the last moment, giving you a significant edge.

Implement these strategies in different combinations and you will have a powerful heads up poker strategy that can best your opponents most if not all of the time. Keep some tricks up your sleeve, and above all else, remember to be aggressive and never to be afraid to place a bet. For more information regarding Heads up poker strategies and how to conquer the game, blowing your opponent's hands out of the water, visit online cash game strategies and sit and go poker strategy!

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