10 costly texas holdem mistakes

There are 10 costly Texas Holdem mistakes made in poker... poker mistakes YOU are probably making RIGHT NOW.

Let's look at each of the texas holdem poker mistakes one-by-one and correct the miscues which cost us so dearly..

Texas Holdem Mistake #1: Paying to see the Flop

One of the poker mistakes many poker players make is their starting hand selection. To loose with their starting hand selection.

texas holdem mistakes

Stick with the 10 best poker starting hands.

  • Focus on pocket pairs, suited connectors, A-X suited, or two over cards
  • Fold problem hands such as K-3, J-5, Q-2, and 2-7.

Texas Holdem Mistake #2: Playing out of Position

Position is EVERYTHING in poker.

Good position is LATE position. The problem most players make is playing CARDS without considering position. Two things worth remembering about position...

  • Late Position: you want to play MORE starting hands.
  • Early Position: you want to play FEWER starting hands.

Late position means you are watching what your opponents do FIRST before you act. Then based on their betting pattern and habits you can make an informed decision what you need to do.

Texas Holdem Mistake #3: Thinking you are a natural born poker player

It's amazing how often someone says, "I was born to play poker..."

Holdem is a complicated game. Much of the poker strategy today has been DEVELOPED through the years.

  • Poker involves math, psychology, body language skills, self-control and performing under pressure.
  • There are systematic techniques, tricks, and plays that you can use to win more money at the tables.
  • Poker strategies won't just come to you like a little light bulb over your head.

You must STUDY the game. TALK to other players. PRACTICE in order to move forward to the next level. Don't make the most common of poker mistakes by thinking you're a natural.

Texas Holdem Mistake #4: Playing on Tilt

Emotion is a big part of Holdem.

The REASON emotions run so high in poker is you're putting MONEY, EGO, and CHANCE all together at one table with nine other players.

Failure to "let go" is a recipe for playing on tilt.

After a "bad beat", fold your next hand quicker than Superman does laundry regardless of what comes up.

Why you ask?

  • Because you are not in the right frame of mind.
  • You're still mad and your head is not screwed on straight.

The key is to ANTICIPATE things will get stressful and tense.

EXPECT to suffer a "suck out" from another opponent. "Suck outs" are not fun, but they happen! Learning to anticipate will help you to become a better poker player.

Texas Holdem Mistake #5: Playing the wrong Limits

The limits you play will determine the caliber of opponents you're up against. Consider the following for example...

  • If you're in over your head, nothing else matters... in the end you are going to lose.
  • However, if you're much better than everyone else is at your current level, perhaps you should move up a notch.

The action plan is to build your Texas Holdem bankroll where you're confident you can win and move up.

If you lose your bankroll, move back down and build up again. After a period of time move up in limits again.

ultimate bet poker

Texas Holdem Mistake #6: Playing the Cards and not the Player

The cards determine the winning hand, but only when the hand plays out at the VERY END and all cards are turned over.

  • GOOD poker players rarely ever make it to the show down.
  • They either force their opponents to fold or fold because they pick up a read on their opponents.
  • The only time you should be flipping your cards up at the end is when you show the winning hand and just milked some sucker for a huge pot.

The PLAYER you're up against is who you need to focus on. Find out his betting patterns, his habits and his tells and take him to the cleaners.


Texas Holdem Mistake #7: Playing Predictably

Just as you are studying your opponents, your opponents are studying YOU.


One of the prevalent mistakes made in poker is setting a pattern. When you become predictable, you start losing.

  • Every time you get good cards, everyone will fold.
  • Every time you get bad cards, everyone will bet.


Bet strong hands a certain way for a while and mix it up a bit. Do crazy things, bet odd amounts.

CHANGE GEARS and remove any consistencies in your game.

Texas Holdem Mistake #8: Not knowing when to quit

You will save TONS of money in the long run when you STOP playing after a series of bad beats and tough suck outs!

The tendency among poker players is to keep playing and hope to break even.

However the trouble is you're going to lose your money or dig yourself in a deeper hole.

Losing streaks suck.

No matter how determined you are your "luck" will change, it's not going to happen.  

You'll lose more. So STOP.  

Take a break. Get away from the game for awhile. After a period of time start back up again.

Texas Holdem Mistake #9: Not using Pot Odds

The ability to understand and calculate pot odds is a standard ingredient for success.

Reading other players will help you win a few games.

However knowing poker pot odds will transform and help you become a WINNING Texas Holdem poker player.

You don't need to be a "whiz kid" to recognize the odds of a hand. You'll discover many shortcuts you can use to calculate pot odds, hand percentages and outs.

Texas Holdem Mistake #10: Not asking for Help

As stated earlier, you are not a natural born poker player.

You had to LEARN it.

In every phase of the game, ask yourself this question, "Is this EXACTLY what I should be doing in this situation?"  

There are two key ways to improve your poker skills:

  • Learn from experience.
  • Learn from someone who has mastered the game.

The problem with experience is it takes YEARS of playing Texas Holdem every day.  

It's an admirable way to learn, but costly..  

Learning timeless strategies for Texas Holdem poker and "field-tested" techniques is the QUICKEST way to learn the game.  

Here at Learn to Win Holdem we can help you avoid the costly texas holdem mistakes made by others at the poker table. You don't have to be one of them!

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