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There is nothing like sitting down and watching a good ole movie about poker. The poker movies listed below are great films for any poker fan.

Rounders (Collector's Edition)Rounders
Movies About PokerIt's the standard sports glory story: Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) had a shot at going for the gold (in this case, winning enough money to go to Vegas and play with the World Series of Poker champions) but is taken down by fate. Now broke, he must work night shift jobs to pay for his Law School education. However, his childhood friend, Worm, has gotten out of jail and is looking for a little card action, which slowly brings Mike back into his old life. There is a catch though, Worm had accumulated a lot of debt before getting busted, and now that he's out he owes plus interest. Mike, tied to his friend through loyalty, must now risk it all in a final match against the very same person who destroyed his dreams of glory.
Both Damon and Norton are fantastic. They talk in texas holdem terms so naturally that, although you have no idea what they are saying (unless you know the poker slang yourself) it's doesn't matter because you get the meaning. John Malkovich is, as always, a enjoyable to watch, playing a gangster-type card player. John Tuturro is fun, and Martin Landau is fantastic. No one in the cast slacks off.
This a good movie about poker for poker fans to watch as well as fans of drama. It's a well put together little film

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High Roller - The Stu Ungar Story
Movies About PokerThis one really shows the mystique, the sense of destiny and the desire to court Lady Luck that lures so many to the gambling table. Stu Ungar was someone who simply couldn't resist the urge to play with destiny and make his own fate. And the guy could read a cardplayer's "body language" like few others...he truly was a legend. His life story makes for one heck of a movie about poker, giving viewers a chance to experience the joys and sorrows of those big wins, to imagine "what if?" and to marvel at the guy who broke all those records winning in Las Vegas. Ungar broke the mold but was also beset by personal demons. It makes for a wild ride, marvelously directed and with a fine ensemble of actors, including two regulars from The Sopranos television show (and maybe one or two more from the show that I missed along the way).

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Movies About PokerMaverick is a hilarious, enjoyable and fun film to watch and bears well to watch numerous times. Of course, how could this poker movie have missed given its cast; Mel Gibson, James Garner, Jodie Foster, James Coburn and a whole slew of other stars to include an outrageously funny cameo by Danny Glover. The more interesting thing here is that James Garner played Brett Maverick when it was a television series many moons ago and he had turned down many film scripts for this one where he didn't even play the lead. Maverick is a big hit and all involved in making this funny poker movie deserve all of the accolades they received for it!

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The Cincinnati Kid
Movies About PokerOriginally set in St. Louis in Jessup's novel and transferred by the screenwriters (wisely) to more sporting New Orleans, this production of The Cincinnati Kid scores big with any fan of card play. The cast in this poker movie is an assembly of veteran actors centered around the number one box office draw at the time, Steve McQueen. You could say that Edward G. Robinson and Karl Malden co-star due to the importance of their roles throughout the movie, but make no mistake, McQueen was the reason people went to see this picture. One of the all-time classics, this is a must see movies about poker!

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The Sting
Movies About PokerThe Sting is an excellent con movie which is considered to be among the best 100 pictures ever made. Starring Robert Redford as "Johnny Hooker" a young con man who seeks the help of oldtimer Henry Gondorff played by Paul Newman to get revenge on a crime boss "Doyle Lonnegan" who had his partner killed.

This isn't really a movie about poker but it does contain one famous poker scene where Paul Newman cheats the crime boss in a high-stakes game onboard a train and also has a scene where Paul Newman's character shows off some very skilled cheat shuffling, although the hands seen belong to John Scarne who was one of the top gambling experts in the last century and served as technical advisor on The Sting.

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If you're like me I love collecting movies about poker, but most importantly late at night I'll take one my poker movies out and sit back and enjoy! Hope you will too.

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