Poker Probabilities

Spending five minutes gaining knowledge about poker probabilities can give you the crucial edge at the table.

Poker math does not always involve addition on the spot. There are a number of circumstances and draws where your probabilities are the same no matter what cards your holding. This is because of the number of outs that you have. If you become knowledgeable of these patterns and commit to memory the percentages, it can permit you to spend your time concentrating on other issues such as your opponents' betting habits and behavior and greatly improve your capacity to maximize your poker winnings.

Being acquainted with your probabilities is an essential tool because it cannot only help you to make smart calls centered on the percentages, but it can also help you get away from hands you would otherwise have trouble giving up.

Here are some probabilities that you will find enormously helpful when playing:

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Pre-Flop Probabilities

Chances of Being Dealt Percentage Odds Against
2 Aces 0.45% 220-1
2 Kings 0.45% 220-1
2 Queens through 2 Tens 1.36% 72.1-1
2 Nines through 2 Sixes 1.36% 43.2-1
2 Fives through 2 Deuces 1.81% 54.3-1
Ace-King suited 0.30% 331-1
Ace-King off suit 0.90% 110-1
Ace-Queen or Ace-Jack suited 0.60% 165-1
Ace-Queen or Ace-Jack off suit 1.81% 54.3-1
King-Queen Suited 0.30% 331-1
King-Queen off suit 0.90% 110-1
Ace-x suited 2.71% 35.8-1
Ace-x off suit 8.14% 11.3-1
Any Pair 5.88% 16-1
Any two cards suited 23.53% 3.25-1
*Suited Connectors 2.11% 46.4-1
*Connectors 6.33% 14.8-1
Any hand with a pair or an Ace 20.36% 3.91-1
* = Connected cards that can make a straight in 4 different ways. For example, Jack ten can make a straight with A-K-Q, K-Q,9, Q-9-8, or 9-8-7. Ace King can only make a straight in one way, Q-J-10 and thus the probabilities for making straights with this hand are less

Probable amount of times that you will flop the following:

You hold: After the flop you will: Likelihood:
Holding a Pair Flop Three of Kind or better 12%
Holding Ace-King flop Ace or King 32%
Two suited cards flop a flush less than 1%
Two suited cards flop 4 to a flush 10%
Two Unmatched cards flop 2 pair 2%

Miscellaneous Poker Probabilities

Player A holds: Player B holds: Probable Winner:
AK suited A pair of 9s A pair of 9s - 52.4% favorite.
AK suited A pair of 3s A pair of 3s - 51% favorite.
AK off suit A pair of 9s A pair of 9s - 54.9% favorite.
AK off suit A pair of Jacks A pair of Jacks - 56.5% favorite.
AK off suit AQ off suit AK - 74% favorite.
AK off suit AQ suited AK - 69.7% favorite.
A pair of Aces A pair of Kings Aces - 82.6% favorite.
AK suited spade Ten-9 suited diamond AK - 61.3% favorite.
AK with A on flop Open end straight flush Open end straight flush - 56.3% favorite.

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