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No Limit: A game where you can bet all of your chips during any betting round.

Nuts: The best possible hand at any given point in time.

Nut Flush: The flush including the Ace of the flushed suit.

Odds: The ratio of the probability of making a hand vs. the probability of not making a hand.

Offsuit: When two cards are not of the same suit.

Option: When a player posts his blind and has "option" of either checking or raising.

Open Ended: A straight that can be completed with a card either higher or lower (i.e.you can have 6,7,8,9, either a 5 or a 10 will complete your straight.

Outs: Possible cards that can be dealt that will give you a winning hand.

Overcard: A card higher than any card on the board. If the board reads: 4,7,9 and you hold K,5 you're holding one overcard(K).

Over The Top: Raising another person after they have raised you.

Over-betting the Pot/Over-Bet: Making a bet that is too large considering the size of the pot. If you bet $50 into a $1 pot, you are over-betting the pot.

Paint: Over cards.

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Passive: A player who doesn't like to bet or raise much. These player will call, but are not aggressive with their play.

Pocket Pair: When the two pocket cards form a pair.

Position: A players spot at the table relative to the dealer button and when they have to act. Early position is one of the first to act. Late position in one of the last to act.

Pot Committed: Staying in a hand against logic because you have already bet too many chips to fold.

Pot-Limit: A variety of poker where the bet cannot exceed the size of the pot.

Pot Odds: The amount in the pot in relation to your chances of making a certain hand and the amount you must put in the pot to continue in the game.

Presto: Pocket fives.

Pre-Flop: Action that takes place before the flop comes out.

Protecting the Blinds: When a player in the big blind calls a raise because he has already put money into the pot.

Pulling the Trigger: Going all-in with a hand when you are short stacked.

Put Them On A Hand: Guessing what a player in holding without seeing their cards based on their betting patterns.

Quads: Four of a kind.

Represent the Flop: Betting as though the flop strengthened your hand.

Ring Games: Ring games are poker games played with real chips at stake. Unlike tournament chips, which are worth nothing outside the tournament, ring game chips represent real money. For example, if you buy in for $20 worth of chips and leave the game with $80, you made a $60 profit.

River: The fifth and final card dealt out on the table.

Rock: A very tight, but passive player.

Rockets: A pair of Aces.

Runner-Runner: When a player has to catch two specific cards in a row in order to make their hand.

Rush: When a player begins to win several hands in a row in order to make their hand.

Scare Card: A card which may turn the best hand into a loser. If you have a set on the flop, but there are two clubs. A scare card would be another club.

Set: Three of a kind.

Semi-Bluff: When a player makes a bet to win the pot with a mediocre hand or draw.

Semi-Connectors: Cards that are separated by one card. 7 and 9 are semi-connectors.

Short Stack: The player at the table with the fewest chips.

Showdown: The point at which all players show their cards to determine the winner.

Side Pot: A pot that is created when one or more players are all-in.

Slow Play: To play a hand in a manner to conceal the strength of your hand. If a player flops a straight, it might be correct to slowplay in order to maximize the chips won on the pot.

Small Blind: The smaller of the two forced bets to ensure betting on every hand.

Split Pot: A pot that is shared by two or more players.

Steal: To win the pot strictly on a bluff.

String Bet: A bet in which a player doesn't get all of his chips into the pot in one motion. If a player can not get all of chips into the pot in one motion, then he must verbally declare the raise, otherwise it is a string raise and the raise will not be counted.

Suited Connectors: Two sequential cards that are of the same suit (examples:9h,10h or As,Ks).

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Table Talk: Chatting with opponents to intimidate them or confuse them.

Tight/Aggressive: A player who doesn't play alot of hands, but when he does he plays aggressively. These players are opposite of loose players.

Tilt: An emotional state where players act irrationally because they are upset about the game or previous hand.

Trap: When you play so another player bets when you have the stronger hand.

Trips: Three of a kind.

Turn/River: The last two cards dealt after the flop.

Under the Gun: The first person to act in the hand before the flop. This person is directly to the left of the big blind.

Value Bet: A bet made to increase the size of the pot, but not scare weak opponents away, when a player has a solid hand.

Verbalizing: Stating to yourself the reasoning for a certain move.

Wheel: A straight using the Ace as a low card: A,2,3,4,5.

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