texas hold'em terms g-m

Garbage Hand: A bad hand to be folded quickly.

Gorillas: A pair of Kings.

Grinder: A poker player who plays tight but wins consistently.

Gutshot: An inside straight draw (See: Belly Buster)

Heads Up: When all but two players have been eliminated and the game is being played one-on-one.

Hit: When a player who is on a draw catches a card that completes his, he hits his card.

Hole Cards: The two face down cards dealt to all the players at the beginning of the hand, also known as the pocket cards.

Hooks: A pair of Jacks.

Implied Odds: Implied odds are similar to pot odds except the bets are not in the pot when making your decision. In calculating your odds you include bets you can expect to win if you hit your hand.

Isolate: To raise with the intention of thinning the field of opponents down to one.

Jackal: Slang term for a player who makes erratic, unexplainable bets and raises. Jackals are also known as maniacs.

Kicker: The card that is used to break ties when two players have the same hand or high card.

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Ladies: A pair of Queens.

Late Position: The players who are not forced to act until the other players have already acted for that specific round of betting. Late position is preferable to early position.

Lay Down: To fold your hand.

Limp In: Only calling the blinds, and not raising the pot. This usually encourages other players to raise the pot.

Live Hand: A hand that can still win because it hasn't been folded and isn't drawing dead.

Lock: A hand that is a sure win, also known as the nuts.

Loose: A playing style where players play lots of hands. Loose players don't wait for premium hands before the flop to play. These players are opposite of tight players.

Main Pot: The pot where all bets were matched by all players involved in the hand. If a player is not able to match a bet (because he is all-in), then a side pot is created.

Maniac: A wild, reckless player who will play as may pots as possible and bets big and unpredictably.

Misdeal: A hand that is dealt incorrectly and must be re-dealt.

Monster: A extremely good hand.

Move In: To put all of your chips into the pot.

Muck: To fold your hands by throwing them face-down into the pile of folded cards without showing the competition.

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