texas hold'em terms a-f

In the following list are Texas Holdem terms from A to F:

Ace-High : A hand that only has an Ace as its highest kicker. This hand has no pairs,straights or flushes.

Action : The act of putting chips into a pot. If a player makes a large bet and a lot of players call or raise, the player is getting a lot of action.

Advertise : When a player makes a deliberate move early in the game to convey a specific image. If a player plays a bad hand to the showdown in order to give the impression that he is very loose he is said to be advertising.

Aggressive : A playing style that describes a player who bets and raises large amounts during the hand. An aggressive player doesn't necessarily play a lot of hands, but he does bet a lot in the hands he participates in. If a player raises the pot before every flop he sees, the player is aggressive.

Alabama Knight Riders : Three Kings

American Airlines : Another term used to describe a pair of Aces, usually when they are the two down cards.

Ante - A small bet put up by each player to seed the pot before the hand is dealt. It is used to get initial money in the pot and help create action. Similar to blinds.

Baby : A small card like a 2,3,4,5 or 6. If you have a pair of 3's you have a baby pair.

Backdoor : Hitting a perfect turn and river card to make a drawing hand. For example,you have two clubs in your hand and there is only one club on the flop. You hit a club on the fourth card and another club on the fifth card to give you a flush.

Bad Beat : When a player loses the hand because the other player got very lucky. For example, in No Limit Holdem, two players get all of their money in and one player is holding pocket Aces and the other player is holding pocket threes. The river card is a three giving the player with the weaker starting hand the winning hand and giving the player with the best starting hand a bad beat.

Bankroll : The money that you have to play with. The size of your bankroll has a major impact on what stakes you play. If you have a $1000 bankroll, you cannot play $100-$200 holdem cash game.

Belly Buster : An inside straight draw.

Bicycle : A popular slang term for using the Ace as a low card. For example, if the Ace was used with a 2,3,4, and 5 to form a straight.

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Big Blind : The larger of two forced bets made tothe left of the dealer to ensure betting on every hand. The big blind is the player to the left of the small blind.

Big Slick : Being dealt Ace-King at the beginning, one of the strongest starting hands you can get.

Blinded Out : Being forced out of a game by the forced blinds.

Bluff : When a player pretends to have a strong hand in order to win the pot even when he doesn't have good cards.

Board : The community cards, or the cards everyone can use, turned face up on the table.

Boat: A full-house. Also known as full-boat.

Bottom Pair : A pair of the lowest cards shown on the table. For example, if a 5,7,8, and a Q are on the board, and you have a pair of fives, you have bottom pair.

Broadway : A straight with the Ace as the hightest card: 10,J,Q,K,A.

Bullets : A pair of Aces.

Burn : In between each betting round, the dealer discards the top card of the deck before dealing the next card. This is done to keep players from possibly recognizing the next cardto be used.

Busted Hand : When a player was drawing hand but failed. If you hold four spades after the flop, but no more spades appear, you hold a busted hand.

Button : A small round disk moved clockwise from player to player. It is used to determine who the nominal dealer is and where the action begins.

Buy In : The minimum amount of money a player must sit down with in order to play a particular game.

Call : To accept the previous action. If another player bets, to continue to play you must call to match the wager (or raise).

Calling Station : A player who calls a lot, but doesn't raise or fold much.

Calling Someone Down : When a player just calls every bet made by a player to avoid getting re-raised. This is done by a player who wants to stay in the hand but hasa marginal hand.

Chasing : Waiting for a card to be dealt that will complete your hand.

Check : To not bet.

Check raise : To check and then raise when another player behind you bets.

Community cards : The cards that are turned face up on the table and can be used by any of the players in the hand. (Same as the board)

Connector : Starting hands that work together to make a straight.

Cowboys : Kings

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Crack : To beat a strong hand. You often hear players say they had their pocket aces "cracked".

Cut : To divide the deck in two sections and change the order of the cards

Dead Man's Hand : Two pair, Aces and eights. Wild Bill Hickok was shot during a poker game while holding two pair, black aces and black eights

Dead Money : Money put into the pot by players who have folded their hand.

Dominated Hand : Usually used to describe a hand where a player holds one common card with another player and the other player has a better kicker. An example of a dominated hand would be KQ vs. AK or AQ.

Double Gutshot : Two inside straight draws. An example of a double gutshot is a flop of 6,7,9, and a player is holding 4,5 . If he hits a 3 or an 8, he will make his straight.

Draw : An unmade hand. A player is said to be on a draw if he has four flush cards.

Drawing Dead : Trying to make a hand that will not win the pot. If you are drawing to a flush and your opponent already has a full house, you are drawing dead.

Ducks : A pair of 2's.

Early Position : The first players who act in each round of betting. Players acting in early position must be pickier about what cards to play.

Easy Money : Money won from new, inexperienced players, or untalented players.

Face Card : A Jack, Queen or King.

Family Pot : A hand where many people are involved in the action.

Feeler Bet : A small bet made to get an idea of what other people are holding.

Fifth Street : The fifth and final card turned over, also known as the river.

Fish : A weak player who loses money.

First Position : The first person to act in a round of betting. This is the worst positioning to have. Before the flop, the first position (to the left of the big blind) is also known as under the gun.

Flat Call : To only call a bet.

Flop : The first three community cards on the board.

Flush : Five cards of the same suit.

Forced Bet : A required bet that starts the action. Antes and blinds are forced bets.

Free Card : A turn or river card that you don't have to call a bet to see.

Fold : To throw your hand away.

Full House : A poker hand consisting of three of a kind and a pair. Also known as a full boat.

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