history of online poker

The game of poker has been played for many years and the history of poker can even go as far back as two hundred years ago. History of online poker probably started to become more popular in the mid 90s, although there is no actual date to say when it first became as popular as it is today.

Online poker is a game that is definitely booming and played by many people of all different ages, and for people being able to play this way in the comfort of their home has definitely changed the face of poker.

There are many online gambling sites today that were available before the online poker room started and all of these seemed to sprout up in the mid 90’s, and it was at this time that online casino’s were launched. The major online casino software supplier micro gaming had developed its first online casino in 1994.

The establishment of the first online poker room took place in 1998; this happened at the small poker room of Planet poker, for a short time they enjoyed all the status associated with being the first online poker firm. Many other poker rooms have since overtaken Planet poker. The industry may have changed a lot since 1998 the poker players are happy that the rake structure remains fairly constant.

It didn’t take long for other poker rooms to jump on the bandwagon, the prominent leader of the industry being Paradise Poker, which was established in 1999. It was during this time the infamous Poker Spot occurred; this was a firm belonging to a successful Dutch poker player by the name of Dutch Boyd.

May 2000 was the launch date of Poker Spot. It wasn’t until many months later in September that it became the first online poker room offering tournaments. It was later that Poker Spot encountered problems and according to Dutch Boyd, they had problems collecting deposits from players using the credit card processing firm. It became apparent that any money deposited by players to play with was not in the system. Players didn’t receive their winning payments, consequently, the firm went under.


Thankfully, incidents that happened with Poker Spot have never been repeated so far by any of the major online poker rooms. This may be the result of the emergence of e-cash; Neteller seems to be the most dominant transfer service for inline poker, the service appeals to both players and online poker firms alike. The player can deposit at a poker room without the need of a credit card or wire transfer, allowing users to receive quicker withdrawals. Many poker rooms prefer Net-eller because there is less fraud risk and the fees are moderate.

It was the year 2001 that two of the most dominant online poker firms became popular in the industry. Poker stars was popular for many because of their tournaments and party poker equally made a huge impact in the industry.

Poker over the years has become very popular for many people and the industry still grows. The most dominant firm of the industry was paradise poker this was until 2003; this is the time when party poker launched a television advertising campaign. This was to become a beneficial move with the advertising campaign running during the World Poker Tour. This added to the Party Poker Million launch was a very clever marketing move that catapulted poker network to the top. This network will probably represent half of the online poker market.

The story that may have put online poker on the map could have been Chris Money-makers about his $40 buy in truly of winning the World Series of Poker. That truly helped the industry, costing less than all the millions on marketing nobody could have dreamt up a marketing plan as good.

It was not long after that Money-maker was to qualify for the World Series of Poker main event via a small buy in satellite event at Poker Stars. It was here that he was to outlast a field of 839 entrants; this at the time was the largest in World Series of Poker History. He came up against some of the best professional poker players in the world and when he took first place, he netted himself $2.5 million not bad on his part for his first live tournament. Online poker exploded in 2004 and is a hugely popular game today enjoyed by many people.

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