Texas Holdem Image

Texas Holdem Image

Texas Holdem image

Your Texas Holdem image is what you bring to the table of a game of Texas Holdem poker. Different types of poker players are defined by different archetypal Texas Holdem images. Each and every Texas Holdem player must have a Texas Holdem image that leads to their success. This is equally important for your online cash game strategies and your live games. If you don't bring a strong image to the poker table, you are just throwing away every dollar in your Texas Holdem bankroll.

Not too long ago, I read an article that I've found really interesting that relates to this crucial matter of the Texas Holdem image.

A book author and professional Hold’em player was playing Texas Hold’em at the Mirage in Las Vegas. A player left his table and a man wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt filled the seat. The poker author explains, 'I immediately pegged this guy for another tourist. After the tourist sat down, he was telling stories and joking with the dealer and some of the other players. He didn’t seem to have a care in the world as he sat there talking and playing. Everyone at the table perceived this character’s Texas Holdem image as a weak opponent, but this carefree tourist was winning with his very tight and aggressive style of play. As the poker author left the table and went to the cashier to cash out, he bumped into his Hawaiian-shirt-dressed-friend and introduced himself. He explains, 'I asked him where he was from and to my surprise he said he lived in Las Vegas. I mentioned that he looked like a tourist.' '"I know," he said. "Why would I want anyone at the table to think I’m a local?'


In order to master Texas Holdem, you must know how to use the Texas Holdem images I present to you here so that you can take on the persona of any of the different types of poker players.

Are you a Fish, a Rock, a Maniac, or a Pro? And what are your opponents? Looks can be deceiving--and in your case, that's precisely what you want to be. Make them think you're someone you're not. If they're any good, they're likely trying to do the same thing to you, too.

And after you read about the different Texas Holdem poker images in what follows, see our software progam, Holdem Indicator, which will categorize poker players at the poker tables and make it easier for you to master the types of poker players defined by their different archetypal approaches to the game.

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Texas Holdem Image #1: Loose Passive (Fish)

Texas Holdem Fish

The loose passive player is the weakest player.

Fish are also called Calling Stations.

Characteristics of a Fish.

Like the action.

They just want to play and have fun, so will play just about anything. Fish don't last very long in a cash game or tournament because they'll call just about everything, hoping to pull something out of thin air.

Most of your money will come from Fish.

Common Fish Plays


  • They will pay to see the flop no matter if there is a raise.
  • When faced with a better hand (as when a straight or a flush is on the board and they do not have it), they will just call it down.
Warning! Texas Holdem Fish Be extremely cautious with them,because they could be calling or raising with anything!

How to catch a Fish.

Play only your premium hands!

Texas Holdem Image #2: Loose Aggressive (Maniac)

Texas Holdem Maniac

Characteristics of a Maniac. The Maniac is an loose aggressive player and will use their aggressive betting to make up for their lack of good hand.


Common Maniac Plays

  • Maniacs aggressively bet or raise with just about anything
  • They play far too many starting hands
  • A Maniac plays as many cards as a Fish does, but is inclined to raise and re-raise hands that he shouldn't (like A5 off suit, Q9s, etc).
Warning! Manic Texas Holdem player Two or more Maniacs in a game make for a large pot. Lots to win, lots to lose.

How to tame a Maniac.

You'll recognize a Maniac. No one gets great cards all day. If a player raises three hands in a row, chances are not all those hands are premium.

When Maniacs raise, they don't always have pocket Aces, so you can play against them with hands that you would normally just call with. Re-raise when you have a decent hand to try to isolate a Maniac.

Of course, even if they raise every hand, they will get a good one now and then. Play with courage and use patience in poker to tame the maniac...

Texas Holdem Image #3: Tight Passive (Rock)

Texas Holdem Rock

Characteristics of a Rock.


Rocks are typically a tight passive player and can last a long time because they hold on to their chips like a child clings to its mother.

  • These players are very easy to bluff out of a pot, since they avoid risk-taking unless they have a real, strong hand.
  • These players tend to play honest. They will usually bet according to the strength of their hand, which makes them easy to read.
Rocks can survive a long time at a Texas Holdem table since they do not risk many chips.

Common Rock Plays.

  • This player only raises with strong starting hands.
  • This player gets tired of being run over and starts playing poorly by calling raises out of position.
Warning! Texas Holdem Rock When these Rocks seem to suddenly "wake up" and start betting significantly, get out of their way, unless you have a strong hand.

How to crack a Rock.

Bluff a Rock out of a pot. A Rock avoids risk-taking unless he has a real strong hand.

Texas Holdem Image #4:Tight Aggressive (Pro)

Texas Holdem Pro

The preferred style of play for no-limit Texas Holdem is tight-aggressive.

Characteristics of the Pro.

The Pro risk chips only with a strong hand. Pros bet heavily, and quickly build up a stack by winning just a few key hands.

Common Pro Plays

  • The Pro is very selective about his poker starting hands.
  • The Pro bets or raises significantly if he does play.
  • The Pro risks his chips only when he has a strong hand.
  • On the Turn and River, the Pro makes an aggressive bet or raise when he hits his hand.
Warning! Texas Holdem Pro This style is easy to spot, so if you use it, other players using this style will quickly identify you.

How to Probe the Pro.

The best way to beat a Pro is to make fewer mistakes than he does.

Watch for weaknesses and look for opportunities to put him under pressure.

Choose your Texas Hold em starting hands carefully and only get mixed up in a big pot with a Pro player if you’re confident that you’ve got him beat.

To overcome this, the tight aggressive player needs to occasionally change gears to keep his opponents off balance, to keep them constantly guessing.

I hope that at this point you have had the different types of poker players defined enough to give you a basic feel for the Texas Holdem image and how it's used at the Texas Holdem poker table. You need to not only be able to spy one, you need to know how to put on and take off the masks for yourself!

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