Sit N Go Poker Strategy

Sit N Go Poker Strategy

You're going to need a sit n go poker strategy if you, well, actually want to win at sit n go. Developing an online sit and go strategy can help you get your mental poker muscles really toned up for the real thing...and, enable you to earn some pretty good money over the Internet, too.

Now, for those of you who aren't too familiar with sit n go tournaments, check out our other sit and go poker strategy about them. They can be wild affairs because the idea is to keep the action moving as rapidly as possible. They're almost like one of those all you can eat clams and beer affairs down at the local firehall, except here you buy in to play poker and drink beer instead of eat clams and drink beer.

But the point is, you need to take cash at least 55 to 60% of the time to make sit n go tournies profitable for you. And to do that, there are some key sit n go poker strategy gaming tips that you should follow.

For starters, decide before the tournie how you're going to play and never alter it. Are you going to be tight and fold a great deal, or are you going to try to use some things from your bag of tricks and try to play with some mediocre and junk hands? Decide up front what you want your poker image to be and don't deviate from it. You should probably not play the tight game...because that's what everyone else will likely do, so you can take advantage of fold equity or even some aggressive stone-cold bluffing to win pots pre-flop.

Also, in tournament play, you are wasting your time and throwing away money if you check. If you're in, be raising--and raising aggressively--or calling. If you feel you don't have what it takes with this round to do that, fold immediately.

You won't have a lot of time to get to know players whom you are not already familiar with in the early rounds of a sit n go, so even if you're going to use bluffing you should probably do it later on after a few players have been eliminated and you've had a chance to see playing styles. You can still be aggressive and watch the board carefully and make use of the 4/2 rule a lot in the early rounds before you kick in with the fold equity and bluffing. This will also help you with the middle stages of the tournie when the blinds rise. Remember to never be afraid to fold. It's pointless to throw good money after bad hoping to get back the money you've "invested" at this stage. Always cut your losses--and in tournaments like this, that means do not cut deals. Go for sweet victory.

If you play with intelligent sit n go poker strategy, you'll often be able to win at sit n go just by intimidating your opponents into folding when they have mediocre hands. You can get a lot of people to fold before and right after the flop by playing well--even when you have junk in your pocket. Remember that most sit n go players will try to play tight. The best way to win at sit n go is to be aggressive yet also have some very finely honed skills at your disposal.

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